Who I Am & How I Eat


I’m Katy, a stay-at-home mom living in Tennessee.  In my past work life, I was a high school health & biology teacher. My passion for healthy eating began in 2011, shortly after the birth of my first child.  Since then, our family has been on an exciting journey of culinary discovery, learning, and growth.

We are not vegan, or even vegetarian.  I prefer to call us “plant-based eaters.” What this means to me is that 80% of the time, we eat good, wholesome food from the earth.  We try to avoid meat, but we still do use dairy products in moderation.  We try to purchase ingredients as unprocessed as possible and make things from scratch.  The other 20% of the time we live a little, enjoy going out occasionally, enjoy the convenience of one or two processed foods, or have a celebratory treat for a special occasion.

I believe that cooking and eating should not be a chore or an experience where you have to track specifics, but rather a regular pattern of healthy eating occasionally interrupted by a special occasion. After two years of trial and error, I think we are finally getting there.

I hope by using these recipes you too can find your way to balanced, healthy eating.


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